Video: Hardhittaz ft. Dem Hoodstarz "So Solid"

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

New music video by the Hardhittaz ft. Dem Hoodstarz.

So Solid Music Video
Directed by Alameda native Strife Rollins.


My Bicycle: Lost & Found on AC Transit

>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

I almost lost my bike. I left it on the bus.

I know, I know. Hella stupid. I never understood how someone could leave their bike on AC Transit. Until I did.

I'm glad I got my bike back. If you ever lose your bike on AC Transit, contact Customer Service.


Trailer for "Confined Thoughts: The Movie"

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Confined Thoughts: The Movie (Trailer) Coming Soon

Last year, besides my stage debut at Laney College in "Ants in the Grasshoppers" and doing community theater with Pen Oakland's "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets", I also had a role in a short film.

Confined Thoughts is a short film produced by Roderick Waters and Michael Cotton, Sr.


This is a short movie that we did for our portfolio class at Laney College. It is about a wanna be rapper who is chasing his dream, but needs to get a job. Due to circumstances and a misunderstanding it would seem that he has the worst of luck.


Paul Mooney at Berkeley Black Repertory Theater

>> Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paul Mooney is pretty funny. He's in the Bay for his annual New Year's Eve show at the Berkeley Black Repertory Theater.

Since he didn't let me interview him, I probably won't post this blog until the New Year. Nonetheless, you can see the routine here. If I do post it, it's out of love for Sean and the Berkeley Black Rep. He's doing some good work for theater, the arts and community organizations.

Without further ado, Paul Mooney.

Paul Mooney in Berkeley. December 2009

The event was pretty interesting. Half of the audience was Mexican, and the other half Black (2% margin of error -- there were a few white folks). Interesting how Mooney tailored his comedy to the audience. He pulls few punches.


What is truth?

>> Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As part of a political science class, we had to write a self-exploratory essay. Our first question was:

What is true and how is truth determined?
Here is my response:

To be true is to be honest, genuine and sincere. True is the opposite of false, that being unreal, factually inaccurate or fake.

We typically determine truth based on our ability to “prove” it. How do you know that I am the author of this paper? You know it is true because you choose to believe it. Truth – although positioned as provable through the use of scientific processes, or mathematical expressions, is built on a system of faith and agreement upon values.

Unless you believe, or know, rather, that the number two is represents “two,” than you will not believe that two plus two equals four. You have to agree to the system of Arabic numbers that represent. These are just ideas. Therefore, while it is “true” to those who believe that system, it would be untrue to those who do not agree with that system or are ignorant of that system.

Therefore, there are different levels of truth. There is partial truth. This is where something is “partially truth.” For instance, I, Reginald James, and the author of these words and ideas being expressed; however, I am not the sole originator of this language or the thoughts I am expressing. So, am I truly the author, or is there some greater force manipulating me to produce this?

There is the concept of complete truth. This could be best illustrated when someone reveals all the knowledge they know to be relevant to a situation.

There is absolute truth. Absolute truth is the complete, utter, undeniable knowledge of the element of truth.

But truth is a non-tangible substance.

When individuals are sworn in at a trial, they are asked, “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” This speaks to the manner in which truth can be manipulated. By omitting part of the truth, one can skew the facts in a manner that misrepresents the truth. Ironically, a person can gain credibility by admitting to partial truth, but mislead later with falsehood.

A person can also not know the whole truth, and believe that they do.

There is personal truth, relative truth and objective truth.

Our personal truth is those things that we hold to be self-evident. Our relative truth is based on our own perceptions, compared to what others know or believe. Lastly, there is the objective truth. This can be best described in the physical space. Other truths are often based on the unseen or not provable – I cannot prove to an atheist that God exists, just as one could not prove to me that God does not. That is because it is a personal truth that has been relayed to me through life experience.

However, it could be possibly proven that a person lived for a certain period of time. This could be done through birth records, photographs, etc. However, that objective truth stands alone on its own merit – although that too can be interpreted and manipulated.

Ultimately, truth is. Truth is a force that cannot be corrupted; we can only corrupt ourselves against it. We cannot erase the truth; we can only erase people’s memory of the truth.


Twitter: It should be Illegal (#itshouldbeillegal)

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reginald James on Twitter at evening - while waiting on my Mac laptop to stop crapping out on me -- I joined a trending topic on Twitter: #itshouldbeillegal.

Now for my non-Tweeting folks, a trending topic is a popular topic on Twitter. So popular, it becomes a trend. People from all over jump in and add their spin.

Most folks talked about things that annoyed them, while others proposed actual laws, policies. I spent most of my time doing the latter.

Courtesy of, here are some of my favorites that I posted to Twitter:
#itshouldbeillegal to listen to Glenn Beck and operate heavy machinery.
#itshouldbeillegal to play Plies "Becky" during daylight hours (esp. afterschool)
#itshouldbeillegal for police officers' misconduct hearing records to be deemed confidential and NOT disclosed to the public. (Copley Press)
#itshouldbeillegal for men to poke other men on Facebook.
#itshouldbeillegal for white folks to say, "I have plenty of Black friends" after making racist statements
#itshouldbeillegal to say something 'hella gay' then hide your own insecurity and homophobia by saying, "No Homo"
#itshouldbeillegal for the law of gravity to keep hating on my levitating!
#itshouldbeillegal to claim Oakland, when you're from Alameda, San Leandro or Emeryville (just be yourself!)
#itshouldbeillegal to add someone on Facebook--with no message--just because you have hella mutual friends.
#itshouldbeillegal for me to claim this fame: Jimmy Rollins once complemented my arm when I was in Alameda Little League (1994)
#itshouldbeillegal to dress up in #BlackFace on Halloween or to have "Black Parties"
#itshouldbeillegal to make me go to jury duty and pay me less than minimum wage (watch me get summoned for this)
#itshouldbeillegal to post racist, anonymous comments on the @sfgate website (only You Tube is possibly worst)

#itshouldbeillegal for #sfbart to pimp riders with "The Float" (The float is interest made on unused BART tix)
#itshouldbeillegal for #raiders and #49ers fans to say, "My" our "Our" They'd bounce to Fremont or San Jose ASAP
#itshouldbeillegal for grown a$$ men to be nicknamed "Lil" anything.
#itshouldbeillegal for men to sit down on the bus while women, children and elders stand nearby (grow a pair suckah!)
#itshouldbeillegal to simultaneously sag and flood your pants.
#itshouldbeillegal to be a "Baby Daddy"
#itshouldbeillegal to double-dip chips and salsa
#itshouldbeillegal for men to piss and not wash your hands afterwards. LINK:
#itshouldbeillegal to put Kool Aid powder on a pickle
#itshouldbeillegal to say: Rap isn't HipHop (it's usually the culture vultures)

Here are a couple I retweeted (RT), or reposted:

Of course, if you are interested in following my updates, hit me on twitter:


Theater: "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets" pays homage to Philadelphia's MOVE organization

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photo: Pen Oakland

I recently returned to the stage as a part of Pen Oakland's "Night of Short Plays."

In the play, "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets," I play Daniel C. -- the peacenik poet. He is a former Marine who returned from Vietnam seeking peace. Seeing images of the anti-war demonstrations, free love, free speech and all, he saw Philadelphia's revolutionary MOVE organization -- ONAMOVE his path.

The revolutionary MOVE organization is a African centered, anti-technology, pro-Earth, pro-community organization based out of Powelton Village in the 1970s. The Philadelphia government dropped a bomb on MOVE killing many women and children.

Our final showing of "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets" -- at the Live Oak Theater -- screened to a full house. Here's the video, courtesy of Eddie Lankford.

Firing Blanks at Moving Targets (Part 1)

Watch the complete video of the Staged play about Philadelphia's MOVE "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets" on YouTube.


Elevating Black Men, Sept. 19 in Oakland

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two conferences for Black men on the same day. Argggh. I'll try to go to both.

They're both all day.

Check it out:

Bring your A Game
Oakland Museum
1000 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA

African American Male Conference
Merritt College
12500 Campus Drive, Oakland, CA

You can catch me in the whirlwind!


Help save the Alameda Mosque

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Below is a message from the Imam of the Islamic Center of Alameda. This is the masjid (mosque) that I attend. ICA has rented this building for the past 10 years. The owner defaulted on the mortgage and we now have an opportunity to purchase the property.

This is ultra-important for a variety of reasons. One, ICA will own the building and not have to pay rent to someone else. Two, in light of the recent foreclosure on Masjid Waritheen in Oakland -- a major loss of a community institution -- it is of utmost importance that we protect this institution for Muslims in Alameda.

Since I embraced Islam five Ramadans ago, this has been my primary place of worship. Please support our efforts in buying our mosque.

Reginald James aka Brother Reggie

* * *

Urgent Appeal- Islamic Center of Alameda - Foreclosure Notice

Salam ale kum (Peace be with You) Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

"ALLAH has power over on all things"

Alhamdullilah (All Praises due to God), Islamic center of Alameda has been serving the community for past 10 yrs with five daily prayers, Weekend Madrassa (sunday school), Weekday Madrassa, Funeral services, Feeding the needy, Family nights, Aqiqas (like a bridal shower), Marriages, Summer school, Ramadan Iftars (breaking the fasts), Eids (festivals) and zakat distribution...etc.

Our souls are attached to this house of Allah (Islamic center of Alameda) and suddenly in this month of Ramadan, we got this notice of foreclosure on this Building. We were renting this building and the owner failed to pay the mortgage to bank and hence it is going to be auctioned on 29th of this month. This building was initially offered to us for sale for $500,000, but now on auction Allah made it for $260,000 ONLY.

"Lo! Those who give alms, both men and women, and lend to Allah a goodly loan, it will be doubled for them, and theirs will be a rich reward." (Al-Hadid:18)

We do not have time to do fundraisers, so we would like to propose these options:

  1. 26 Brothers and Sisters could loan 10,000 each as Qarz-e-Hasan(goodly Loan), Insha-Allah with a legal contract document which will be returned in 24 months from the date mutually agreed upon.

  2. Donate atleast $100 for the sake of Allah, as this is an excellent investment with Allah in the month of Ramadan


Please pass this email to all Muslim friends and family in your contact list.

"May be a servant of Allah who has the means is JUST waiting for this opportunity to invest in the hereafter and attain the House in Jannah".

Masalam and make Dua in this blessed month of Ramadan.

901 Santa Clara Avenue
Alameda 94501

Contact Information:
Bro. Ariff (510) 410-4006
Sis. Aiesha (510)865-2649
Sis. An-Nisaa (510)913-7233

* * *

P.S. Even if you are only able to give $25, it will help us reach our goal. Thank you, may God bless you for your contribution.


Hurricane Katrina--Four years later, Waiting in the Water video and lyrics

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

In 2005, I watching on TV, in horror, tens of thousands of people fighting for their lives. But this was no movie or TV drama, it was real life. The set: New Orleans.

Later known as Hurricane Katrina, I can still remember feeling paralyzed watching the television. Not being able to move. I felt helpless. What could I do here in California?

There is a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that says:

Whosoever of you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand; if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; if he is not able to do so, then with his heart, and that is the weakest of faith. (Muslim)

My hands were two short to box with the Bush Regime, so I spoke out. First, I wrote "Waiting in the Water" a tribute to the survivors of Hurricane Amerikkka (Katrina).

In fact, I performed it the very same day (w/ lyrics in hand) on stage at College of Alameda. A Katrina survivor was there and she told me, "You were there."

I got footage of her speaking that day:

Part I

Katrina Survivor at COA - 1

Katrina Survivor at COA - 2

Then, I helped organize a Katrina event with youth in West Alameda called, Hear, Help and Heal. We raised about $125, but most importantly, we raised the consciousness of the youth and community. In fact, a young man who lives in the Esperanza who is in a polysci class with me at COA this fall asked about some of the performers who came through that night. Four years later.

By that time, I believe I had already recorded "Waiting in the Water" and posted it on my Music Myspace page. The song samples the Negro Spiritual, "Wade in the Water." It is still up. It says it has about 8,600 plays. But that is an understatement because at one point, I took the video down and uploaded another version. It is over 10,000.

I just remembered how I performed this song with a few live bands. Once at the 8th Annual Black Caucus Leadership Conference in Modesto. As well as at Dorsey's Locker and a couple other venues/events where there were bands. I think I performed it once with Hairdoo. Hearing the blues bands playing "Wade in the Water" while performing it is eiree. It is as if I connect with my ancestors who sang the song on their path towards freedom, dreaming for freedom, hoping for freedom, and jumping in the swamp, mississippi, delta, rivers on the path of freedom.

Later, I wrote this article for the SF Bay View with Wanda Sabir in 2006. Journalist Wanda Sabir hosted a Katrina Relief event at La Pena. She asked me to perform this song and I did. This time, however, images of the ravages of Katrina and the lack of response by the Bush Administration and the world played. The article was called Maafa Continues.

MAAFA is a swahili word for great tragedy. The Transatlantic Slave trade is a MAAFA. And Hurricane Katrina (aka Hurricane Amerikkka) is certainly the Black 9/11.

Finally, after performing the song through the Bay Area, California and even Washington, DC, I came home a year later and performed the song at La Pena again for Pam Pam's Harvest Peace Fest. This video below features the second verse of the songwith musical accompaniment. Javier Reyes of Colored Ink helped out on the vocals. It also features Malik Rahim, founder of Common Ground, a Katrina relief group.

Waiting in the Water Video

Below, I've included the original lyrics from 2005. There outline is included, as I planned on uploading it to Hip Hop lyric websites.

Waiting in the Water
By Reginald James

Verse 1
They call it a Hurricane, but I call it a murder, man/
All around the world, people saw and heard the way/
The United States left her own people to perish/
Wet in Ninth Ward, Dry in Jefferson Parish/
Seen hundreds of black bodies, wading in the water/
Waiting for help, just waiting in the water/
Most of Katrina’s victims were young or poor/
National Guard couldn’t save them because they fighting the war/
In Iraq, ain’t it about time we bring them troops back?/
Like Kanye said, “Bush don’t care about Blacks!”/
And I lack the skill, to express how I feel/
Watching human beings being murdered and killed/
By the aftermath, of Mother Nature’s bloodbath/
Her wrath, but my people too strong to just pass/
Away, remember “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday?/
They got some “Strange Fish” floating in N-O-L-A/

Chorus (Wade in the Water plays in background)
Waiting in the Water
Waiting for water, children
Way in New Orleans
Thoughts going come back and haunt us

Verse 2
Verse 2, I’m asking what would you do?/
If you were in the same situation, try to be true/
Could you loot? I know that I would/
Be getting food and water distributing it in the hood/
Wal-Mart, in Aisle 3, that’s me assorting goods/
Getting everything I need from sporting goods/
Helping elderly with inflatable rafts/
Grocery bags for my nephews’ leg in the cast/
I’ve seen mothers crying, sisters and brothers dying/
Media lying while we watching choppers flying/
Over the disaster area surveying the damage/
Instead of taking people food, they taking pictures with cameras/
Not supplying people with their basic needs/
And feeding folks, they jive supplying news live feeds/
They even cared to delivered the tigers from the zoo/
If you were there, do you think they would have saved you?/


Waiting in the Water, we
Waiting in the Water, they
Waiting in the Water, you
Waiting in the Water
Waiting in the Water, I'm
Waiting in the Water,


Verse 3:
Verse 3, now listen closely to me/
Next year I’m at Merritt to be an E-M-T/
So when the big quake come, in an emergency/
I’ll be prepared to care for my family/
O-P-D and Schwarzenegger ain’t gone to your rescue/
Last action Hero and Dubya already left you/
Behind, prepare your soul, body and mind/
The way they left our folks in the South alone, damn! It’s a crime/
To humanity, trying to cope with the insanity/
We need to get land, and stand against vanity/
Profanity, this Bushit government greed/
So please take heed, and follow after my lead/
We need to learn CPR and First A-I-D/
Create an evacuation plan for your community/
This government won’t save you, don’t be deceived/
Just put your faith in G-D, on the last day’s eve/


This government won’t save you, don’t be deceived
In G-d we trust, in the last day’s Eve
If you tell me you still believe the government has our interested in mind
I will tell you that you are naïve, blind, or just out of your mind
Seek and we shall find, a solution,
Together, we can achieve, rebuild and relocate,
But we must relieve in the immediate
Many have come to the Bay and been received
I’m sure some have come, and have been conceived
There are so many, who were not retrieved/
You’ve seen the President was on vacation
Condolezza was shopping and Dick was on Sick leave
So I grieve,
And pray for our people, that they will find peace
After being left for death, our kinfolk bereaved


Beat Plays to Fade

Never Forget


Support my run for Breast Cancer

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

On Saturday, August 22, I will run a 5k at the 5th annual Faith Fancer Breast Cancer Challenge at Lake Merritt.

Faith Fancer was a Bay Area journalist (I remember her from KTVU Channel 2) who passed away following a battle with breast cancer.

Many will walk, some will jog, I will be running like I was trying to catch a bus. And this year, I will be rolling with Team AC Transit to support Friends of Faith and Breast Cancer Resources. You support Faith's mission too!

You can pledge to support my run by emailing me or you can donate to this cause online. You can also just get up off of that thang and run with me.


Case of the 'Stolen' Camera

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

A tale of a lack of cautiousness, but an abundance of hope; a tale of a bad mistake and a good neighbor.

Friday Morning
On Friday, July 24 I arose at 6 a.m. as I do every Friday. Depending on the time of year, I wake up early for prayer (fajr) and meditation. This Friday, I did not.

Although I felt guilty, I proceeded with my morning. I always wake up early on Fridays to make sure that our garbage and recycling bins get picked up.

I put on my shoes and went outside. My neighbor was heading to work. None of my cans were out, so I put all my bins and my other neighbor's out.

Soon after, the guy from ACI came to take the blue bins.

Confession: The other reason I wake up on Fridays is to watch the garbage man grab the bins. Since I was a child, it fascinated me. Watching the trucks claw reach out and pick up the bins was just so cool. So, when I saw the truck, I ran inside to get my camera.

This was a total impulse move and I ended up paying for it.

I photographed the truck as it rolled out. I figured, I would wait until they came for the trash and the green bin to get more pictures. In the meantime, I would take all our blue bins back in and sweep up the backyard. While waiting, I put my camera on the ledge by the gate (so it'd be accessible).

Caught me slipping
I needed to use the bathroom, so I ended up going back in the house. I don't remember if--at the time--I was aware I left the camera outside. I may have assumed, "There's never anyone up at this time. It'll be alright."

When I go back in the house, I was my hands, use the lavatory and come back out.

Where is my camera
When I got back outside, something was different. I look to the ledge where I left my camera.

I thought to myself: "Where is my camera?" "Oh, no!"

I went to the fence and looked down the block. I don't see anyone. I go to the front of the house, no one. My neighbor is getting in his car to go to work.

"Have you seen anyone outside?" I ask

"No, I just came out the house," he responds. Damn.

I go back inside and ask my mom if she saw it lying around the house. No. She starts to tell me how I need to "slow down."

I don't want to slow down. I want heads to roll. I raise my voice at her but soon apologize.

I then search every room. I retrace my steps. No luck. I run back outside. No luck.

Reporting the theft
I call Alameda Police to make a report. Since I'm in this police academy class in Oakland, I'm somewhat familiar with what they want to know on the phone and try to comply. But the dispatcher was pissing me off.

"I want to report a theft" I say.

"What was stolen?"

"My digital camera was stolen from the back of my house." I tell her my address. "It was about 10-15 minutes ago. There is no one outside"

I also give them the address for the backside of the house since that's where I am.

About 15 minutes po-po show up. Of course, they sent him to the front of the house. I ask him to come around. He drives around the block to the back.

I've seen the guy before, never had any problems with him. But of course that Skip Gates mess is in the back of my mind. I come out the yard and close the gate (and lock it).

I describe the camera, model and make. He asks if I have a serial number.

Serial number? Dang. "No."

He explains that having that makes it easier to verify and if it ever pops up, it'll be in the state database.

He asked for more info and I go to get the strap that connects to it. He eventually comes in and I rush out. He wasn't coming too close to the house w/o a warrant. That's sad. Even in times of need, that suspicion of the the police is there.

He advises me to check out the swap meets because "that's where they'll try to sell it."

"I'm going to do a perimeter search. If they're on foot, they may not be far away." Before he leaves, he checks the recycling bins.

"Did you check these bins? Someone could just be trying to screw you around!"

I checked them already, but I fa sho checked again.

He gave me a report number and his information (he didn't have any cards). He speeds off.

Community watch
Man, I'm pissed. But I'm hopeful.

I had texted a couple neighbors and youngstas from the neighborhood to put out our own APB. The streets talk. I also put it out on Twitter and Facebook.

I got a lot of moral support online. A couple of people told me to chalk it up. But I kept faith.

Saturday morning
Fast forward to this morning, Saturday.

I wake up at 4 a.m. this morning. First thing I do is drop to my knees. I was so grateful to wake up, rested and early. I go outside to see if anyone is walking around. Maybe they think they'll find a video camera today. Or maybe the person will come around looking. It could've been a person walking their dog or jogging, I think.

I go inside and do my morning prayer.

Come back outside. Nobody.

I come back in and eventually, I go back to sleep.

A few hours later, I get awaken by my mom.

Camera found
She says (BLAH BLAH BLAH - BLAH BLAH BLAH) "Someone found your camera. There is a flyer on the pole. Get up and go call them." Now, not to knock what my mama said, but I was hella tired and just don't remember. I'm sure she'll tell you.

I go outside and there is really a flyer taped to the pole.

Found digital camera
Call cell ___
Give description of camera and I will return
Want to find owner

The phone call
I call the number.

"Good morning. I just saw the flyer. You found my camera."

"Can you describe it?" the voice asks.

"Sure. Canon Rebel EOS XTI. And the battery is low."

"Describe the strap on the camera."

Done. He tells me I can come pick the camera up at his work.

I go out to the spot on the base. All the time I'm thinking, "What made him pick it up?"

So I get to the spot, ring the buzzer and I meet Dan.

Good Samaritan
Guy opens the door. He's on the phone. Regular dude. T-shirt and glasses.

He had it boxed and inside bubble wrap. Wow!

Turns out, he was walking to work and saw the camera and all the garbage bins.

"I figured, if I took it, there was a chance I could get it back to you," Dan said. But if someone else took it, the owner would never get it back."

"I waited out there a couple minutes, he added."

He liked the pictures and didn't add any new ones to my collection.

"I saw the pictures of the Chipman Cougars and figured this was a young person trying to do something cool," he said.

Indeed. And Dan did something very good. He not only reinforced my belief in the genuine goodness of people, but he gained a new friend.

In the future

Lessons Learned:
  • Don't leave your shhh...stuff outside.
  • Know your neighbors and know your neighborhood
  • Don't let the police in your house if you don't have to (I learned that from all this Gates controversy
  • Keep the faith
  • When something bad happens to someone, there should be a grace period before you criticize their mistake
  • When something bad happens, don't take it out on your loved ones. It ain't they fault yo ass was slippin

And if you ever find something of someone else's, give it back. I can't describe how good it is to have my camera back.

Updated: 11:35 a.m.
So I called the police to let them know that the camera was found. An officer was sent out to follow-up. We walked around the house to the location where it was taken from.
He wanted to see the camera, so we walked back around to where I came out. I walked in can closed the door behind me partially. This dude steps into the house. I walk up and say, "You mind stepping back out my house."

"No worries" he responded.

I'm not worried, but don't just walk in my house, I thought.


Ants and the Grasshoppers at Laney College

>> Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ants and the Grasshoppers (Trailer)

This past spring, I had a role in "Ants and the Grasshopper" at Laney College. It was my first involvement in the resident "Fusion Theater" and was a great experience. The trailer above was created by the amazing Tracy Held Potter, who also adapted the script.

A complete audio recording and photos of the "Ants and the Grasshopper" are available online.


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