Theater: "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets" pays homage to Philadelphia's MOVE organization

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photo: Pen Oakland

I recently returned to the stage as a part of Pen Oakland's "Night of Short Plays."

In the play, "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets," I play Daniel C. -- the peacenik poet. He is a former Marine who returned from Vietnam seeking peace. Seeing images of the anti-war demonstrations, free love, free speech and all, he saw Philadelphia's revolutionary MOVE organization -- ONAMOVE his path.

The revolutionary MOVE organization is a African centered, anti-technology, pro-Earth, pro-community organization based out of Powelton Village in the 1970s. The Philadelphia government dropped a bomb on MOVE killing many women and children.

Our final showing of "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets" -- at the Live Oak Theater -- screened to a full house. Here's the video, courtesy of Eddie Lankford.

Firing Blanks at Moving Targets (Part 1)

Watch the complete video of the Staged play about Philadelphia's MOVE "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets" on YouTube.


Elevating Black Men, Sept. 19 in Oakland

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two conferences for Black men on the same day. Argggh. I'll try to go to both.

They're both all day.

Check it out:

Bring your A Game
Oakland Museum
1000 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA

African American Male Conference
Merritt College
12500 Campus Drive, Oakland, CA

You can catch me in the whirlwind!


Help save the Alameda Mosque

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Below is a message from the Imam of the Islamic Center of Alameda. This is the masjid (mosque) that I attend. ICA has rented this building for the past 10 years. The owner defaulted on the mortgage and we now have an opportunity to purchase the property.

This is ultra-important for a variety of reasons. One, ICA will own the building and not have to pay rent to someone else. Two, in light of the recent foreclosure on Masjid Waritheen in Oakland -- a major loss of a community institution -- it is of utmost importance that we protect this institution for Muslims in Alameda.

Since I embraced Islam five Ramadans ago, this has been my primary place of worship. Please support our efforts in buying our mosque.

Reginald James aka Brother Reggie

* * *

Urgent Appeal- Islamic Center of Alameda - Foreclosure Notice

Salam ale kum (Peace be with You) Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

"ALLAH has power over on all things"

Alhamdullilah (All Praises due to God), Islamic center of Alameda has been serving the community for past 10 yrs with five daily prayers, Weekend Madrassa (sunday school), Weekday Madrassa, Funeral services, Feeding the needy, Family nights, Aqiqas (like a bridal shower), Marriages, Summer school, Ramadan Iftars (breaking the fasts), Eids (festivals) and zakat distribution...etc.

Our souls are attached to this house of Allah (Islamic center of Alameda) and suddenly in this month of Ramadan, we got this notice of foreclosure on this Building. We were renting this building and the owner failed to pay the mortgage to bank and hence it is going to be auctioned on 29th of this month. This building was initially offered to us for sale for $500,000, but now on auction Allah made it for $260,000 ONLY.

"Lo! Those who give alms, both men and women, and lend to Allah a goodly loan, it will be doubled for them, and theirs will be a rich reward." (Al-Hadid:18)

We do not have time to do fundraisers, so we would like to propose these options:

  1. 26 Brothers and Sisters could loan 10,000 each as Qarz-e-Hasan(goodly Loan), Insha-Allah with a legal contract document which will be returned in 24 months from the date mutually agreed upon.

  2. Donate atleast $100 for the sake of Allah, as this is an excellent investment with Allah in the month of Ramadan


Please pass this email to all Muslim friends and family in your contact list.

"May be a servant of Allah who has the means is JUST waiting for this opportunity to invest in the hereafter and attain the House in Jannah".

Masalam and make Dua in this blessed month of Ramadan.

901 Santa Clara Avenue
Alameda 94501

Contact Information:
Bro. Ariff (510) 410-4006
Sis. Aiesha (510)865-2649
Sis. An-Nisaa (510)913-7233

* * *

P.S. Even if you are only able to give $25, it will help us reach our goal. Thank you, may God bless you for your contribution.


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