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>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reginald James on Twitter at evening - while waiting on my Mac laptop to stop crapping out on me -- I joined a trending topic on Twitter: #itshouldbeillegal.

Now for my non-Tweeting folks, a trending topic is a popular topic on Twitter. So popular, it becomes a trend. People from all over jump in and add their spin.

Most folks talked about things that annoyed them, while others proposed actual laws, policies. I spent most of my time doing the latter.

Courtesy of, here are some of my favorites that I posted to Twitter:
#itshouldbeillegal to listen to Glenn Beck and operate heavy machinery.
#itshouldbeillegal to play Plies "Becky" during daylight hours (esp. afterschool)
#itshouldbeillegal for police officers' misconduct hearing records to be deemed confidential and NOT disclosed to the public. (Copley Press)
#itshouldbeillegal for men to poke other men on Facebook.
#itshouldbeillegal for white folks to say, "I have plenty of Black friends" after making racist statements
#itshouldbeillegal to say something 'hella gay' then hide your own insecurity and homophobia by saying, "No Homo"
#itshouldbeillegal for the law of gravity to keep hating on my levitating!
#itshouldbeillegal to claim Oakland, when you're from Alameda, San Leandro or Emeryville (just be yourself!)
#itshouldbeillegal to add someone on Facebook--with no message--just because you have hella mutual friends.
#itshouldbeillegal for me to claim this fame: Jimmy Rollins once complemented my arm when I was in Alameda Little League (1994)
#itshouldbeillegal to dress up in #BlackFace on Halloween or to have "Black Parties"
#itshouldbeillegal to make me go to jury duty and pay me less than minimum wage (watch me get summoned for this)
#itshouldbeillegal to post racist, anonymous comments on the @sfgate website (only You Tube is possibly worst)

#itshouldbeillegal for #sfbart to pimp riders with "The Float" (The float is interest made on unused BART tix)
#itshouldbeillegal for #raiders and #49ers fans to say, "My" our "Our" They'd bounce to Fremont or San Jose ASAP
#itshouldbeillegal for grown a$$ men to be nicknamed "Lil" anything.
#itshouldbeillegal for men to sit down on the bus while women, children and elders stand nearby (grow a pair suckah!)
#itshouldbeillegal to simultaneously sag and flood your pants.
#itshouldbeillegal to be a "Baby Daddy"
#itshouldbeillegal to double-dip chips and salsa
#itshouldbeillegal for men to piss and not wash your hands afterwards. LINK:
#itshouldbeillegal to put Kool Aid powder on a pickle
#itshouldbeillegal to say: Rap isn't HipHop (it's usually the culture vultures)

Here are a couple I retweeted (RT), or reposted:

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