COA remembers Peabo Wellington

>> Tuesday, August 30, 2011


One week ago, I learned that a friend, former student and a good man was no longer with us. Peabo Wellington, a College of Alameda student, was murdered in Oakland on August 23.

Crowd mourns

A vigil was held in his memory on August 25, "Silence the Violence Day." Peabo was remembered by friends, classmates, co-workers and teachers as someone who was always seeking to help others, and as a source of motivation.

Best friend remembers
Peabo introduced me to his best friend, Tyrone, a few months back. They were featured in the Oakland Post a few months ago for their work at the ILSP, Independent Living Skills Program.

Releasing balloons
Balloons are released in memory of Peabo

Tears drop, balloons fly
A co-worker of Peabo's looks up as balloons are released in his memory.

Balloons fly
The balloons flew out into a clear blue sky, slowly disappearing.

But our memories of Peabo won't fade so quickly.

Rest in Power Brotha Peabo.



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