Oakland mourns shooting death of baby

>> Sunday, August 21, 2011


I was shocked when I heard a three-year old was shot and killed in Oakland. Three year old Carlos Nava was killed during a drive by shooting in East Oakland on August 8.

Residents expressed outrage and grief after the shooting. Within days, Oakland Police had arrested two individuals, with Alameda County's DA charging one with murder. Despite questions related to long-planned gang injunctions, the desire for more police officers by police, police supporters and politicians, the family still mourns the lost of their baby.


The memorial, near the site of the shooting, had balloons, teddy bears, toys, candles, A's caps and more. The ofrenda, or offering for Carlos was visited by many people the week after his death. A large vigil was held August 9 with hundreds in attendance.

I was unable to attend the vigil, but went with my comrade Saba the G. the next day.

Paying Respect

Following the shooting, there were no other shootings for days. A silence in a city plagued by gunfire.

The question still remains; when will the violence cease? How many more of Oakland's babies, as young as Carlos and as old a Chauncey Bailey, have to die?



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