Poem: Untitled Cyber Serenading

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

Found this freestyle poem dedicated to a former love interest. God willing, it can inspire someone else or make sure someone remembers what good love they have.


I'm not going to waste time wondering could we, should we
or imagining how things would be
all my intentions are good, we just need to be cautious
you know how the hood be

Conditioning minds to be blind rejecting the good that we find
in each other, sister and brother, we strict how we define
our being, too long our people been dependent on European validation
evaluation and unconsciously accepting degradation

so forget waiting for Moses, i'm riding out like Mansa Musa
with a caravan full of spiritual riches avoiding the Medusa
self-critical, self-perpetuating, nihilistic folks waiting for our downfall
but i must digress, because i'd rather speak about progress

but the process requires analyzing my faults like subliminal seismology and platechtonic psychology
hoping that my antics won't let you get tired of me
but as far as i'm concerned, never a moment is dull
got your womb manning my ship, controlling the hull

sailing off together in a sunset scene bright
enough to light the pre-night while your chocolate silhouette full of mystery got me making bets with myself
on how good you might be for my health

for our wealth, a mutual fund filled with faith fun and fiction
as long as that section is in your jurisdiction,
otherwise a brother might as well slide down the aisle to your section of the library
or better yet, down to our bookstore in North Richmond,

"Malcolm Books" converting crooks and setting them straight in a state
where the crime rate cases our fate to be behind concrete walls and metal gates

that are rarely golden and most of our people know somebody in holding and it makes my heart cold and nearly desensitized
but some how i'm hypno-mesmerized by triple threat of your locks, thighs and eyes
not a superficial attachment but my written interpretation of my attraction to your mind

body and soul
getting to home base is not the goal
but getting home to the Creator is,
but we must avoid the trolls

and the toll is sacrifice and tolling day and night
in a righteous fight beyond Black-n-white

i might just have to pause this before we continue this quest,
but i love to invest

do you have your phone charged yet?



tracey February 28, 2010 at 8:55 AM  

nice. ironic, i found some recently found some "love" poetry, but i was pissed. it was good stuff, but whoa...

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