15 reasons Oakland Police shot and killed deer

>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Many people are disturbed by the recent news that Oakland Police shot and killed a lost deer in the backyard of a housing complex in East Oakland on May 1.

Many are bewildered and have asked, "Why did police kill Bambi?" I have a few hunches.

Through the assistance of my friends on Facebook, here are fifteen possible reasons:

15 Reasons Oakland Police Shot and Killed a Deer

Nothing else to shoot.
Fulfilling gang initiation.
The deer fit the description.
Deer had dirt on Oakland Police involvement in assassination of Chauncey Bailey.
Gain a reputation.
Deer failed paper bag test.
Send a message to Rudolph, Prancer and Pluto.
It was an accident. Cop meant to pull out his Taser.
Mistook its tail for a gun.
Deer's name was Lovelle Mixon.
Cop had bad childhood memories of Bullwinkle.
Deer violated Oakland gang injunction.
Resisting arrest.
Pigs eat venison (deer meat).
Penis envy.

Oakland Police claimed to be investigating the murder of the deer.

Justice for Bambi.



Anonymous,  May 6, 2010 at 11:59 AM  

Unfortunately giving someone a badge does not prevent them from having psychiatric disorders. We rely on the dept. screening process to weed these people out. Knowing that the appropriate animal control services were on their way makes this all the reason to review this case further including psychiatric evaluation for the officers involved.

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