3 Reasons Why KMT was the Greatest Nation at Camp Akili

>> Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some folks from Camp Akili been on Facebook banging their tribes/nations pretty hard since we got back on Friday.

I admit. The air up in Philo, CA at the Wellspring Retreat Center was excellent. So coming back to the polluted, toxic swamp of the East Bay, the oxygen may be intoxicating...even delusional. But seriously, act like y'all know.

K.M.T. That's on mamas, Obamas, citas on e'rythang. Kemet was the greatest tribe at 2010 Akili.

But some people are still suffering from molasses in the brain cells, so I figured I'd make it simple.

The Top 3 Reasons why KMT was the greatest nation at Camp Akili 2010.

1. We been doing this.

Above is a photo of Brother Reggie in KMT in front of Queen Hapshetsut's mortuary temple. Queen Hapshetsut was one of the greatest pharaohs -- especially among women pharaohs -- ruling longer than any other women. She was also a prolific builder. As you can see, I was repping K-M-T in Kemet (Egypt).

2. Young Gifted and Black

Checking out our nation, we had some solid young men and women. From left at bottom, Drea, Isha B., Mandy; second row, Jamani, Jazz the Poet, Gibson and Kadeja. Finally, there is Brother Reggie and Gibson.

3. Michael Jackson told y'all who started this
As beautiful as the song is, it is important to note the historical significance of Michaels storyingtelling through video.

Our brother Michael did a great job at ensuring that the ancestors of the Ancient Egypt were represented more accurately. Besides, other nations have no artist to compare. Sure, Afrika Baambata reps the Zulus. Ashanti is named after a lip-synching singer that hung out with a wannabee Tupac/DMX. And Dogon? Snoop Dogg? Sad.

Maybe these equations will make it simple:

KMT > Ashanti KMT > Dogon
KMT > Garafuna KMT > Hausa
KMT > Yoruba KMT > Zulu

So let it be known, from the Nile Valley in Egypt to the Transamerica Building in San Francisco, K.M.T. gone represent.

We not just a tribe, or a nation: we're a civilization. Recognize.

We are African greatness.



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