Canoeing at Lake Merritt in Oakland

>> Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting ready to roll out with a Golden Oarsman

One of my favorite workouts is Rowing. It can be a great fullbody workout, but it's especially good on the back, biceps and abdominals.

Listening to dead prez' "50 in the Clip" I strangely got the urge to go rowing. I posted it on Facebook and my KMT Sista Jazz the Poet said she wanted to go. Next thing you know, we have an Outdoor Afro type Friday afternoon outing at the Lake.

For those that don't know. For only $10, you can go out on the water at Lake Merritt in Oakland. There is the pedal boat, the canoe, the rowboat and single and double kayaks. (Of course, you can also get real oh-la-la and get a Gondala, but that's for hot August cupcake nights.)

Here's a few photos from the adventure.

Two emcees in a pedal boat
Two emcees in a pedal boat: Tiana Wilkes and Al Pratt from Kurse Krew. I bet they were freestyling while pedaling.

Are you ready to canoe?
"I want to get on the boat," said Nassor. "Yes, Little Africa, we gone get on a canoe."

Poets can canoe too
Jazz the Poet riding up front, leading the way, with little man right behind.

Thought she was slick trying to get my "Canoe Face," so I threw up the deuces.

We had a short intermission when little man had to go "pee pee." Fortunately, the Oakland Parks and Rec staff was near by and brought him back to shore.

After we all made it back to shore, we posed for a group shot with the "Big Fish" that we caught.

I'm sure some of you are wondering, "Didn't you fall into Lake Merritt last year?" Yes, but I did not fall in again. If you want to go Boating at Lake Merritt, contact Oakland Parks and Rec.

Photos Courtesy of Jazz "The Poet" Monique Hudson.



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