Black Power Mixtape Screening in Oakland

>> Monday, September 5, 2011

Bobby Seale speaks

The mixtape, as Jared Ball says, is a form of emancipatory journalism. And as Black August came to a close last weekend, Oakland got a special glimpse of special mixtape.

The Black Power Mixtapes 1967-1975 features footage documenting the Black Power Movement by Swedish journalists that was "lost" for decades, found, then mixed with interviews from Danny Glover, Talib Kweli, and others by a contemporary Swedish filmmaker.

(See trailer of film below)

Panther books, posters
Above, Black Panther books and posters. Top, Bobby Seale speaks to crowd at Black Panther mixtape event.

Along with a sneak peek at the film, courtesy of Eastside Arts Alliance and Black Cinema at Large, those attending the Oakland screening of The Black Power Mixtape on August 28 got to see a few of those people documented in the film: live in person. The event featured a panel that included: Black Panther Party Chairman Bobby Seale and former political prisoner and Oakland Community School Director Ericka Huggins. Speaking on the impact of the Black Panthers on HipHop was author, educator and poet Aya de Leon and community leader Greg Morozumi.

(Read Eric K. Arnold's event review on

Aya de leon
Aya de Leon and Ericka Huggins reflect on "The Black Power Mixtape" film.

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