Artist Avy Jetter draws portrait of me, how humbling and inspiring

>> Thursday, September 9, 2010

Humility is a strength, not a weakness.

I cannot describe how empowered I feel, yet humbled by the art I have the honor of introducing. But first, a little background.

Last fall, my good friend Shawanda (who I love to call, "Queen EasyPass" took a great photo of me while in our African American Film class at Laney College with Dr. Carole Ward-Allen.

Through a number of recent experiences -- my lady's birthday, my boss passing away -- my spirit was simultaneously flying and falling. It was like someone was jumping up and down on a rising helium balloon. Despite the weight and gravity...still, I rise.

Back to the photo. So, Shawanda snaps this photo in class, on her phone, and I just loved it.

portrait of reggie drawing3 with reference picShe'd uploaded the photo back in March, but tagged me in the photo on in August.

One of my Facebook friends, the talented Avy Jetter, saw the photo and asked if she could do draw it.

I probably was thinking, "As long as you don't put any horns coming out my head or have me looking like Mr. Wendell, it's cool." Truthfully, I had no idea what to expect.

It makes me feel both proud and humbled that a talented artist would take the time to include me in such a wonderful series.

Without any further ado, here it is.

Pencil Sketch
rough pencil sketch portrait of reggie
Rough pencil sketch of the portrait. The beginning.

Inking 1
portrait of reggie beginning inking1

Inking 2
portrait of reggie beginning inking2

Inking 3
portrait of reggie beginning inking3

Drawing 1
portrait of reggie drawing1

Drawing 4
portrait of reggie drawing4

Super duper fresh!

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