What does Reginald stand for?

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I feel another personal Facebook Fast coming up. Sometimes, I just don't feel like posting information -- nor reading other people's stuff. But it's such a good networking tool and way to find news, I find myself enslaved to the Zuckerberg Matrix.

Last time I felt that way, I first began limiting myself to only publishing one word per day. I'd write words reflecting of principles I cared for. Then after a while, I deactivated my Facebook for a week.

Yes. It was one of my best week's in recent years. But, I noticed how disconnected I was from my network.

Hopefully, as the academic intensity of October approaches, and I progress with my literacy and journalism work, and school and work gets more intense, I will find the balance that allows me to both delve deep into my studies while being aware of news and my social relationships.

Peralta spelled my name wrong on my degree. Guess they didn't have enough money for the "d" in Reginald.

After my recently awarded Associates of Arts degree in Journalism was mispelled, I thought I'd make sure people knew how to spell my name properly.

I acronym for my name made up of my Facebook status updates.

Respect the Universe.
Endure, Exceed and Excel.
Greatness is in your nature.
Invest in others.
Never back down.
Always, by any means.
Learn it, live it and love it.
Deal with the real, feel?

My name means "wise ruler." Those are some decent guidelines to lead by.

That's what my name stands for. What do you stand for?

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