Royal Wedding and the Media Overload

>> Saturday, April 30, 2011

It was once said that the Sun never sets on the British Empire. Well, despite rarely watching tele-lie-vision, it appeared that many channels were set on the so-called Royal Wedding of [insert whatever they names is].

I heard of the wedding a few days ago. An NPR reported said CNN was sending 125 journalists to England to cover the wedding. That's a lot of attention for what was a big spectacle. Watching the news in the Free Speech Movement cafe, I saw some parade with streets blocked off and throngs of people waving UK flags. Proud prols.

On one hand, love is a beautiful thing. It should be honored, cherished and celebrated. A glimpse at the royal family culture and tradition, as one woman told me. But it was an inundation. Another example of what is termed, "Global White Supremacy." That same culture and tradition got me stuck in the US speaking nothing but English.

What about the Royal Swazi Family? The last royal wedding of Swaziland wasn't prime time, front page, etc.. Major media is more interest in "disaster porn" and showing colored people in despair.

It's not just about the socially constructed idea of race. It's about class. And the masses of people were in the street. I know there's a magic connected with royalty and princes and princesses, but the masses of people will never be royalty in the man's kingdom.

The wedding is a great distraction for two wars, extreme poverty and the recent tragedy in the American southeast, but there's more vital events taking place. May God bless US all and keep us focused on solutions to Earth's ills.



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