Changing the Public Education Paradigm

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is a fascinating video about education. The lecture and animation discusses the creation of public education and it's relationship to economics and culture.

Sometimes we have to skip the long introduction and get straight to it.

The section that discusses how we are medicating our children with Ritalin because they don't want to listen to the boring shit we talk about is right on point.

These children growing up now are at risk of being overstimulated. They are exposed to so much through electronic technology. Then we put them in stale ass classrooms with dusty chalk erasers and white boards they're allergic to.

After teaching at Oakland Freedom School this summer, I see the intense value in collaborative learning. Like the video stresses, in the community at large, people might call it collaboration;" yet in school, it is called copying or cheating. Unfortunately, this selfish practice – although it had the intention of developing the individual – does not bode well for the global village in which our survival depends on our ability to work together.

That is why it is important to go back further than the enlightenment to view educational models that transmit a people's knowledge from one generation to the next. What did the Indigenous People's of America do? What did the ancient Kemites (Egyptians) do? What did ancient Chinese do?

What can we do now? (Peralta Reads)

Because it will take us working together to save Public Education.



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