Photo: College of Alameda and Laney College mascots meet the brain

>> Saturday, October 9, 2010

This photo was a long time coming.

Many, many moons ago, while a member of student government, I had a vision of students at the College of Alameda not only supporting their athletic teams and being proud of their college. I also wanted to encourage students to volunteer in the community.

Dreams do come true. And a piece of that dream came true last night, at the College of Alameda vs. Laney College basketball game, when I took a photo with Eddie the Eagle and Cool E. Cougar.

When I was on student government at COA, I put together a proposal to get a mascot. That mascot was Cool E. Cougar (with an "E" for education). I was the first mascot, followed by my folks Jason (aka "Mouse"). When we left, Coolie ended up in a closet somewhere.

Meanwhile, now at Laney College pursuing Journalism, I brought a mascot there. Eddie the Eagle.

Eddie had a little more support at Laney College because the athletics program was more robust, plus the school had some fly cheerleaders.

In 2007, me and Josh Wolf got together and made this highlight reel of Eddie.

But I was never able to get them together for the real work that I wanted them for; to get children excited about learning.

So, even though taking the photo was only a symbolic gesture, I'm now confident that I will be able to involve the mascots in my current initiative, Peralta Reads.

Photos: Top, Me with Eddie the Eagle and Cool E. Cougar; left, Laney College student Ebony Miller dances with Eddie the Eagle at 2009 Welcome Back Bash; right, Cool E. Cougar posts up in the AC Transit Mini-Bus at Alameda's 2008 Welcome Back Bash.

p.s. I don't have a pot belly. I just came back from eating some really good Cambodian food and was a little stuffed.



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