Mr. T says Pull Yo Pants Up, Fool

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

The anti-saggin campaign (aka "Pull Yo Fucking Pants Up Movement") is about to pick up steam again.

Mr. T recently recorded a commercial for Snickers' Get Some Nuts spot called, "Street Fool."

The video depicts Mr. T on some Big Brotheresque, behind a closed circuit camera control booth telling some young man in the street to pull his pants up.

Growing up, I was conditioned to wear my pants around my waist. OG's used to tell us things like, "Saggin is for faggots" and "Saggin started in jail. That's how they could tell you was someone's bitch."

Besides that, there is no fight or flight when you saggin. You can't run or kick no one in the face.

In recent years, there appears to be an intensified media struggle by older Black men to get these youngstas to pull they pants up.

First, Oakland Black Arts Movement veteran writer Marvin X put out, "Pull Yo Pantz Up Fada Black Prez." The collection of essays encourage young Black men (and women) to pull their pants up and respect themselves, especially with a Black president in the White House.

Secondly, civil rights veteran "The General" Larry Platt came out with "Pants on the Ground" in January 2010. The American Idol contestant create an internet hit telling young cats to pull their pants up.

Lastly, we've known it for years, but "Saggin" spell backwards is "N-I-G-G-A-S." So will you fools pull yo pants up already?



S.Ma'at October 16, 2010 at 10:08 PM  

Dope! Loved it! If Mr. T told me something I'd probably do it too! lol

Peace Brother

Excellent Piece!

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