Yo Tengo Mi Libro Para La Clase De Espanol (I have my Spanish book)

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I finally have the textbook for my Spanish class.

The class started on August 31. And it's mid-October.

But like many students, I didn't have the money for the book at the time. When I did, I met someone who said they'd let me use the book for the semester. Unfortunately, it took over a month to connect with them.

Meanwhile, I had to go to the library and use the reserve. The cold part is, due to budget cuts, the Laney College library is closed on Saturdays now. So, when I'm not in class...I'm at work. When I'm at school, I'm in class.

I wasn't paying $100 for a Dos Mundos. Especially since I can just take $100, spread it out over 6 months in the Fruitvale District or the Mission and learn Spanish there. Buy some mangos here, some music there. All the while talking with the people. That's how to learn Spanish.

Actually, that is one of the two ways researchers say we learn language. "Through a subconscious process called language acquisition -- like "picking up" Spanish while living in Mexico or Spain." Then again, going to the taco truck is nowhere near the equivalent of going to a Spanish speaking country.

So, back to square one. Why did I wait over a month to purchase a book?

That's because the textbook industry is a racket. Publishers get paid. Bookstores get paid. Faculty get paid. Students get pimped.

Now, the question I must ask is: Was saving the money worth waiting a month to have a book to use at your convenience?

Well, I can study when I wish now. And my professor will be pleased to see me with a book en la manana.

"Permisso, professora. Tengo mi libro."

If she's not, I'll go back to Don Francisco:



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