It's Friday and I'm Mr. Furley

>> Friday, October 8, 2010

Super busy day today. If I can push through the day, there's a fun night ahead.

Banned Books exhibit at Laney College.

Already finished class. Tengo mucho tarea para la fin de semana. Wrote an article about a student protest at Laney College yesterday. Read the NYTimes. Edited some photos. And studied for Geography. Not bad for an hour and a half.

But it's tonight I'm looking forward to.

Tonight in West Oakland, the Lower Bottomz Playaz are doing August Wilson's "Gem of the Ocean." I first got hip to Wilson when Laney College did A Piano Lesson a few years back. "Gem" is the highlight of the night, as I get to go with local writer Ann Jacobs.

Before that, I'm going to hit up the College of Alameda vs. Laney College volleyball game and check out the Northern California premiere of "Gerrymandering" at the Laney College theater.

But for now, I need to run for this meeting relating to the Peralta Colleges Accreditation story I'm writing.

Oh yeah, I might get my hurr did (hair done) at the Laney College Cosmetology Department.



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