Oakland rappers create 'Liquor Store' anthem

>> Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"This that town shit. Doo doo brown shit."

At least it's not that green baby shit, I guess. The lyrics above (yeah, that shit rhymes) is from a new song by some Oakland Negroes. Absolute embarrassment.

With all the death and destruction associated with liquor stores in Oakland, these Negroes have gone and made an anthem for the "Liquor Store."

To be fair, the editing of the video isn't bad. The beat is decent. But the raps and content aren't worth a tall can of 211, nor the paper bad I suspect one would keep that 211 in.

This must be funded by the Yemeni Grocers Association of the Bay Area.

I'm sure my part-time Muslim, liquor store owning "cousins" love this. I can smell the blunt guts and hear the bottles popping now.

Dumb ass Coons. This sort of behavior will not get you invited to Obama's Liquor Summit.



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